Friday, January 14, 2011

At this moment...

Peaceful children slumbering in their beds.

A few moments just for me.

My eyes focused on a blank canvas

Words swirling, constructing thoughts, pictures developing.

Dreaming, remembering, always treasuring these boys.

Looking forward with joy, anxious anticipation.

Looking back at beautiful memories made,

At this moment and those gone.

My heart, full; my soul, tranquil.

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  1. Maria, love it. All these precious moments of being a parent - they fill you up, don't they?

  2. Your love and gratitude for your family oozes out of everything you write. Its wonderful.

  3. a few tranquil moments with a blank canvas...heaven.

  4. Ever thankful for gifts you have-
    Always worth gratitude for those moments.

  5. I'd like some of that tranquility! :)

  6. I live for that first line more than I probably should.


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