Friday, January 21, 2011

Warming my days...

Your little hand within my own.

Your sparkling eyes speak volumes, baby.

Nothing makes me feel more loved

Than the sight of you running;

Arms outstretched, smile radiating, eyes aglow.

The music of your contagious laughter

Hopelessly shames the summer sun's warmth.

You and your brothers; my everything.

You boys, the source of my existence.

I am irrevocably devoted, completely humbled

By the magnitude of this love.

What warms your heart?  Check out Melissa at Making Things Up for more on Six Word Fridays!


  1. There is something beautiful about the abandon they show when running, isn't there? I wonder when running stops being fun and becomes a chore?

  2. There's nothing like being greeted by little running feet, open arms, light eyes, and warm smiles. Very beautiful.

  3. running and leaping with abandon, never doubting that I'll catch you. Let me always be deserving of that trust.
    Beautiful post


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