Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I want a cookie for breakfast and life's other absurdities...

Have you ever wanted to get away so bad, that you would do it, even if your inner voice kept screaming at the top of its lungs not to?

I did, and I ignored the sane part of me.

We had planned to get away early on Saturday to John's parents house, as they live part way to where we were staying for a few nights.

Early did not happen for several reasons. John's work technology crapped out. Packing for five people. Laundry issues...'nough said.

John's parents, God bless them, had offered to watch the kids so that we could catch dinner and a movie. Caught a yummy dinner; movie, not so much. Who decides that people want to watch some of the crap that gets made, anyway?

The next morning, after a visit from the Sleep Chaser (Joshua), we got another late start, by choice. The kids have such a magnificent time with their grandparents. I want to be as patient, loving, giving and wise as them, but I guess that is your reward for your children surviving your parenting. When we left, we hit bad weather.

I know all places on Earth experience bad weather. But in Florida, as you are heading towards the promise of sunny, warm beaches, bad weather translates into "Oh, crap!"

Oh, crap, we just booked two nights. Oh crap, we have three kids that are stir crazy in the car. Oh crap, I can't see while I am driving. It was raining on and off while we drove, with dark skies looming overhead. But when we drove up to the hotel, God unleashed. Torrential rain, lightening, thunder, the whole kit and caboodle. Thanks, Big Guy!

We decided against unloading the car and the children and opted instead to getting dinner first. Great idea, right? Except that the weather really wasn't conducive to getting out of the car. And it was COLD. Did I mention that I had not (in my extensive, mad, packing skills) packed anything heavier than a t-shirt for the kids or myself?

And dinner, well, let's just say that Sleep Chaser, I mean, Joshua, really didn't think his mother needed nourishment. I mean, I know I could stand to lose a few pounds, but did he really have to hold back my arm as I tried to eat? And Andrew decided that nothing would be lovelier than spilling his pink lemonade on himself.

Then came getting everything out of the car. John and I have a pretty solid system: get the luggage cart, put everything in it, and take it up with the kids in tow. John had already checked in, been in our room. No problem. We get up to the eighth floor, try the key, SEVERAL times, nothing. He goes back downstairs, I stay with the kids. The problem was that this particular hotel has no interior hallways; the wind and rain are whipping us pretty good, and I am praying that the kids don't get sick right before we have to go back to school.

Finally, John comes back. Informs me that we are in the wrong room. They gave him the wrong room number and key, but hey, he just has to get our complimentary breakfast passes and then, we get to go back downstairs. Take a different elevator and go out to a different exterior hallway. YIPPEE! I feel relaxed already.

Finally, we get everyone bathed and in bed; Joshua is insulted that he will be bunking in his pack and play for the duration of our stay. I get a warm shower, catch up on my rabid magazine addiction and settle in for the night, yearning for some sleep...that never comes.

The next morning, Sleep Chaser is back. Weather is as bleak as it was the night before. Weatherman says sometime around 3 p.m. we might get some sunshine. Can't wait. Decide to go do some sightseeing, in the car, in the rain, to make the time pass. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Eventually, the sun did peek out. The boys had a tremendous time running on the shore, building a dam, shoveling and frolicking. And somehow, the warm (but not quite warm enough, by Floridians' standards) seemed to melt the crap that seemed to have followed us.

Last night, as I gazed out onto the dark beach, the full moon danced on the water. It was a glorious sight, and I understood why Mr. Sleep Chaser was in full force.
This morning, after a full night's sleep, and the day of our return home, the sun was shining. The beach was warm.

Absurd. You drive three hours to get some rest and relaxation. You get neither. A little sunshine and warmth would be nice, though.

This morning, Joshua was walking around demanding a cookie for breakfast.

Absurd.  Because you don't eat cookies for breakfast, but I gave him a chocolate donut instead.

After we finished packing all of our stuff and loaded up the car, we went on final walk on the beach. I got to hold my hubby's hand, which is a treat. Our children ran in front of us; children of the sun, and then walked together, chatting, happy.

And there is nothing absurd about that. It makes everything else worthwhile.


  1. Maria, I hope that the rest of your vacation week is sunnier than the start of it. That final photo of your boys is beautiful: the gesture of the hand on the back is just priceless! I'm glad that you were able to have that one picture-perfect moment at least.

  2. Love the last pic.... Adorable

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    It is a small community of moms. Even though it is small it is still a great place:)
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  3. Hello! Coming to you from SITS. I can understand the difficulties of getting everything ready for kids - it can be more work then its worth at times.

    Looks like you had a great vacation - glad the sun came out for you!



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