Friday, March 19, 2010

The young and the restless...

Spring Break is officially one week away...My students are young and I am restless.

Today, at work, as I walked around while my class worked on an assignment, I wanted to jump out of my skin. All I wanted was to get out into the sunshine, let the warm sun soak into my still cold bones.

The last two months have taken their toll. The preparation for testing, the actual testing, the aftermath of the testing. And my students, they are just as antsy.

They fidget, they whisper, they are mischievous. It is as though they awakening from a long slumber.

And in many ways, they are.

The cold we have experienced has drained their energy. The stress of the test has made them restless.

At home, things are not much different. Tempers are short, patience even shorter...Along with fewer hours of darkness each day, we are all aching to shed all that winter has piled upon us.

It is as though we were caterpillars, and we are in the chrysalis, ready to emerge with a new set of wings and attitude to match.

I cannot imagine how the northeastern and Midwest states have fared with this wicked weather we have experienced this year. If we in South Florida are itching to ditch the winter garb and we have seen sunshine most of these winter months, how have those, who have seen nothing but bare trees and thick white snow, must yearn to see spring finally arrive in all its glory...

Here's to Mother Nature hurrying the heck up and getting Spring here, so that we can all bask in the beautiful warm sun and recharge our batteries...


  1. Well, being in Arizona, I'm used to not getting much sympathy from the rest of the country too. But here we have this tiny window of opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful springtime weather before it's destroyed by the scorching heat! So spring comes, but it immediately starts climbing into the 90s and then we're run into our homes again.

  2. I am also holding out for spring. I can't wait to ditch the winter coat! VIsiting from SITS :)

  3. yes this might just be the longest winter I have ever experience here in PA! I am living outside now that the weather is nice! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    by the way, my daughter thinks it is now warm enough to swim...I said maybe in florida but I guess thats not true either!

  4. I love your chrysalis analogy. I am definitely still cocooned, but hope to spread my wings soon. We got 6 inches of snow yesterday but I can't whine too much because others in the state got over a foot.

    But man, I'm a grouch.

  5. Feel free to complain! Weather is all relative, right? Here in the eastern part of the Midwest, we had the snowiest February in 100 years, but now we're being treated to a stunning spring in March. For once, I feel like we're getting good weather karma!

    Happy first day of spring! May the week before spring break fly by.


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