Wednesday, April 7, 2010

After the loving...

After the thrill of Joshua's birthday, there was today; a kind of rest between birthday celebrations in our house.

Andrew will turn 7 tomorrow, and will receive his own birthday post, thank you very much.

But after all that loving yesterday, we had a cranky "fwee" year old today. No shirt met approval, not breakfast choice was satisfactory, and the shininess of three began to very quickly fade this morning. Too much excitement and cake does not make a happy child.

But last night, after everyone was corralled to bed, Joshua came out, in his hand me down pajamas, and laid out on the couch. I quickly went to get a shower myself and get my pajamas on so that I could snuggle with him on the couch.

By the time I got out, he was sound asleep, those beautiful lashes to perfectly curled on those luscious cheeks that are slightly tanned from the sun's brief appearance during our Beach weekend. My heart melted.

This mother held her so big baby boy last night. She tried to accommodate that changing toddler body, with long, strong, sprouting legs and arms, and nestled that sweet head on her chest. Feeling the warmth of his body as she held him tight; knowing that soon, the quickly changing physical attributes of this child will make this very act impossible.

After the loving of a birthday, there is the everyday. The everyday holds its own gifts; the gift of the extraordinary ordinary. It is better than the birthday cake bloat and hangover. It is better than all the birthday gifts that your child can physically open.

It is better because it is 364 days of the best loving there is...the everyday, worm your way into your heart and soul, take your breath away loving...

And there is NOTHING better than that.


  1. After the loving of a birthday there is the every day. What a beautiful line. Love that!

  2. Sweet, sweet post. Thanks for reminding me to schedule some "snuggle time" with my kid today.

  3. I love little toddler and baby eyelashes..


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