Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Four simple things

It doesn't take much to make me happy. The simplest, most spontaneous actions are the ones that make my soul resonate with happiness.

Here are today's samplings:

Andrew slipped his hand into mine when I picked him up from aftercare, as he happily jabbered about his day.

Joshua quietly slipped his hand in mine as we went into a store, just he and I.

Matthew leaned his head against my shoulder, as we stood alone in the garage, while we waited for his father to come and take him to his tennis lesson.

Daddy walked into the door this evening with a smile on his face.


All too often, we are waiting for the big, elaborate gesture that leaves you feeling kind of empty after all is said and done.

Every once and a while, I like the big brouhaha. 

My ego needs the fuss and frills.

But mostly, I like the smorgasbord of daily life.

And today's feast was good.


  1. Almost nothing sweeter than when your child instinctively reaches for your hand...precious.

  2. Lovely. (Did I really use that word?) Yes, lovely.
    Come check out the quote I keep on my desk at work one day....too long to write here, but same idea.


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