Thursday, May 6, 2010

Making lemonade...

Sometime life hands you lemons. Lately, my lemons have been thrown at me. Hard and with direct aim. But I am a firm believer in seeing things in a positive light, despite the circumstances. You make lemonade with lemons, but lately, Mama needs something with a little more, um, substance.

As you get older, you wise up on how to deal with certain issues and certain people. You might smile and move along with some, as you are gritting your teeth to keep from yelling obscenities. Others, you coax until you get the desired results. Others, still, require a heavy hand. This week, I think I have run the gamut.

I have always thought of myself as a people person. I mostly enjoy being around people, talking with them, finding out what makes them tick.

But I think I need a break. I want a time out.

This week, I have organized events for the teachers at Joshua's school, sat in board of director meetings at said preschool, dealt with issues with students, prepared end of the year documents, continue awaiting test scores, taught long division with remainders, administered more end of year testing and dealt with issues with my own, birthed children: mainly, incomplete class work assignments.

It makes Mama thirsty for something other than lemonade.

A couple of days ago, what I really wanted to do was have a full fledged temper tantrum. I have seen enough in my time to know how to throw a good one. Somehow, I didn't think that I would get what I wanted.

And what did I want, you ask?

For adults to play nicely. For adults follow through when they are supposed to, not make commitments to things they have no intention for following through with. To be, you know, adults.

I am a pretty tolerant person. I can deal with people behaving badly. I taught Kindergarten for 10 years, ya'll. I know how to handle "problems."

But the amount and caliber of the "problems" are not laughable. They are not something you can just shrug your shoulders at and say "whatever" to. They are mean. They are ugly. And I am tired of drinking the lemonade flavored Kool-Aid.

So, what to do, you ask?

Well, I am looking forward to unwinding a bit this weekend. My youngest niece's birthday party is on Saturday morning. I know, it might be more fun to visit a sweat-shop, and the temperatures might actually mimic one since Florida has now begun what we refer to as Hellish Heat.

Regardless, I have big plans for after the party, mainly, getting everyone fed, bathed and in bed as soon as it is feasible. After that, I plan to do the same for myself.

'Cause Mama's tired.

And when Mama's tired, there are no good times to be had.

So, I continue to gather the lemons, by the truck load.

But something's got to give.

All those damned lemons need to be immediately traded in for limes.

So that I can at least make a decent margarita instead of sipping on that insipid lemonade.


  1. "lemonade flavored kool aid"....awesome. just plain awesome.

    hope you make that margarita and hope it is gooooooood. sounds like you've earned it!

  2. Lemon drop martini! Limoncello champagne cocktail! A very potent mojito! Dang, I wish you lived closer. I'd invite you over for some citrus medication!

  3. or you could imagine its a mikes hard lemonade? Sorry, dont know if that helps! Ha


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