Thursday, May 20, 2010

Foot in the mouth syndrome belies the love in my heart

I got an interesting piece of mail today. One with great potential. And when I called the person who sent it, I put my foot in my mouth.

I think I blurted out something that was along the lines of "Have you lost your mind?"

Clearly, the person who sent that correspondence had not lost their mind.

I had.

Because instead of saying something graceful, eloquent, well-intentioned and full of gratitude, I turned into someone who was in desperate need of a public relations person.

Or at the very least, the opportunity to mull it over, write a first draft, edit said draft, and then, again.

Because for all the way with words I may demonstrate on this blog, it seems no one is immune to foot in the mouth.

Not me.

Not today.

But I am grateful. Beyond words.

And more than that gratitude for the correspondence, I am grateful you are in my life. For many reasons.

Because with you, I can be me.

Without editing.

Regardless of how often my foot seems to end up in my mouth.

And how wonderful is it to have that kind of relationship?

Where editing is optional?

I will tell you. It is marvelous.

Regardless, here is my edited version of what I should have said.

Hi. I got what you sent. Thank you. It means the world to us. I love you.

And yes, I have lost my mind!


  1. This is totally the kind of thing I would do! And when I first started blogging, I would often reread my comments to make sure I hadn't said something that could be taken the wrong way. But I'm with you: it's so nice to feel like you're in a space where you can be yourself, your unedited self.

    Happy weekend, Maria!

  2. I have chronic foot-in-mouth disease. I suppose this is why I don't have that many friends? :)

  3. I agree with you, Maria. Sometimes I think I shouldn't be let out of the house without supervision! But on the blog, I hate to admit it, I revise and revise like a total nut. I write some very honest stuff but I definitely don't just write it and post it. It's quite an excruciating process sometimes.


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