Friday, May 7, 2010

Motherhood: Bringing out the worst in women, daily

I know you have encountered mothers who are out running errands. They look frazzled and ready to either abandon their children in the midst of a busy store, or just sit on the floor, and sob.

Today, I was that woman.

My normally easy going boys were liked caged wolves who have been set free. They complained, they smacked one another, they refused to keep up with my frantic pace.

My toddler decided that he did not need a cart. He also did not need to hold my hand, walk next to me, or even be in the same aisle where I was frantically trying to find the items I needed, so that I could just go home.

Today, I could have easily walked away.

Except that my two older boys would have called my mobile, and I inevitably would have had to come back.

I would have made the local news. The degenerate mother who left her three adorable boys in a busy Craft store. On Mother's Day weekend, no less.

And there might have been some prissy women thinking what kind of woman does that.

And others would have been cheering.

I have noticed a strange pattern developing within myself when I witness children who are getting reprimanded by their mothers in public.

Before I had children, I would feel terrible for the children in question. Poor babies, being made to feel so poorly.

Now, after kids?

I feel terrible for the parents in question. Poor mamas, being made to feel so poorly. I say, take those kids down. Sometimes, you can almost hear the silent cheering of other mothers, who have also had to chase their toddler children around the store. We exchange looks of "You go, girl!"  We closely resemble men watching a boxing match.

Sometimes, we even high-five each other.

Well, not really.

But I wish we did.


  1. I was that mom today too! UUUhhhh that is so frustrating. Even to read it is frustrating!

  2. I feel your pain! How well I remember those days!
    It seems like yesterday and now my youngest is almost 25.
    Maybe I can help..I am following from Friday Follow. Please come visit me @

  3. I absolutely loathe shopping with children. It's the worst form of torture! xoxo

  4. I think that we need the bad moments with our children so that we recognize how wonderful the good moments are. At least you recognize it as being bad, some people function at like that with their family all the time. So do not dwell too much. Hell, if I was there I might have high fived you.

  5. Great post, Maria! Don't worry, I'm sure craft stores are filled with moms! And, really, since this happens to me with the kids being 14 and 10, then, of course it happens to you with younger ones! I love the fantasy about walking away but that the older kids would call you anyway!

  6. Fortunately, I avoid craft stores at all costs...=)


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